Friday, January 14, 2011

The weekend junk attack

AHHH! When the super healthy boyfriend is away, the former junk food junkie will play! And by play I mean eat REALLY unhealthy.

All I want is pizza, fried chicken, and steak. OR FRIED STEAK PIZZA..... No on second thought, that is gross.

Im having a strange craving for pigs in a blanket, which I havent had in months, even longer maybe, but all I want are tiny little piggies wrapped in butter and flour.

Wish me luck, so I may choose the vegetable dinner not planned, if not I will be consuming all sort of terrible foods filled with chemicals and "meat product". Well no I would get quality hot dogs, I dont trust mechanically separated meat, I watch an Xfiles one time that scared the beef jerky out of my mouth forever.

Repeat after me: I will eat Broccoli, I will eat Broccoli, I will eat pigs in a bl.....AAAAHHHH DAMMIT, I will eat Broccoli.......

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