Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week one

Things I love about my blog: That I actually am doing it! Even though Im not sure anyone is reading it, I am really encouraged to continue to eat healthy and find healthy cheap recipes.

Things I want to improve:
BE MORE HEALTHY!! I will always strive for desire to eat vegetables in the same way I desire pizza and goldfish. yummmm goldfish......See so hard. But I used to HATE all vegetables, and this week I ate a decent amount every day. Ill never be vegan or do the raw food thing, Im not a bunny, but I really hope to start craving the things that truly nourish my body.
The pictures. I am a terrible photographer and have struggled all week to take pictures that are half way decent. My wonderful boyfriend has been helpful in this, trying new angles or dishes, but its a struggle. But A picture is better than no picture, yes?

Ok, I must go prep my week of food, I will post my lunch this week soon!
Over and out.

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