Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bragg about it!

I love salt. LOVE SALT. Cant get enough of it. I used to add salt to salt bagels but only when I was alone, because my best friend at the time would slap the salt out of my hand out of disgust. As she should have, I ate way to much salt, and still do. So I LOVE when I find something thats fufills my salt craving but isnt bad for me.
Which is why I want to tell you about Bragg Liquid Amino Acids. It tastes like soy sauce, but has less sodium and its actually good for you. Its great in stir fry, salads, soups, marinades, popcorn, really anything you want to add a little healthy flavor too. This is a picture of it, so you can look for it at the grocery store.


 Most chain grocery stores dont carry it, so your best bet is a whole foods or hippie type grocery store. This is a website where you can read about all of their products.

In tonights meal Ill be using some, so look out. I dont mean to Bragg......
And yes, I love puns, there is really no way of getting around it.

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