Monday, January 3, 2011

A junk food-aholic attempts to reform

Since I can remember I have been obsessed with junk food. In high school I ate fast food every day. I am in my late twenties now and only in the past year have a really started to cook and enjoy the natural taste of vegetables. 
I want to eat healthy because it is good for the planet, and for my body. It is hard because the craving I have for junk food seems uncontrollable at times. People often have a sweet or salty tooth, I have both. Though salt might edge out in the end. I used to eat salt bagels and add salt. Not good. I know most people can relate to the desire to be healthy, but the desire to eat crap far outweighing, literally, the former.
In this blog I will attempt to cook healthy(mostly vegetarian) food that is also delicious. I will also try to use local ingredients and be very conscious of the food Im eating in general.
I want to learn and try to inform others of how you can eat healthy, and help save the planet. I also want to learn how to cook better, so I can treat food with the respect it deserves. 
OK lets eat!

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