Friday, January 28, 2011

Home Cookin

Well first a confession. I have FOOD SINNED! Thats right, last night I was hungry, healthy boy was gone, and I caved and ordered pineapple pizza. Im not proud, and this morning my tummy is doing penance. It happens, but I really wish it happened less. My addiction to destructive food is so......well destructive. Not going to dwell, time to move forward.


I feel like the hungry caterpillar when he eats all the bad food, and gets a tummy ache. And then the next day he wakes up and eats a big green leaf and feels all better. Good thing I have my spinach and walnut salad today!

I will try to blog some this weekend, but I am going home this weekend, so may not be cooking much.

I will be eating a lot because home means my Mom will be cooking, and lets face it, nobody is a better cook than my mom. I mean YOUR mom might be better to you, but that because you are bias. I, luckily, am not bias, but my mom is still the best. In every way.

So folks, the weekend is often when we eat our worst, or at least I do, so lets keep those forks full of greens, local foods, and foods that are good for the planet!

Eat happy Live happy!

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