Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pesticides both blow and suck

Pesticides. The word sounds like a evil character in a children's story. Evil Doctor Pesticide was determined to poison the little children of adorableville. Muahahaha. ha. Unfortunately many people do not know enough information about what they put in their bodies, and all the dangers that are present in government approved food. 

I wanted to post some information sites separately because beyond recipes and funny stories, my goal for this blog is to educate myself about food. Then use that knowledge to encourage others to make conscious food choices. Pesticides are a pretty nasty buisness, and many do not realize how damaging they can be, especially to young children.

There are a million sites out there that have loads of information about specific pesticides, their effects, and what you can do to avoid them. For a good go to site with tons of information check out What's on My Food? This site has information about specific pesticides, foods and how they are affected, and work being done to eliminate pesticides. 

Another great one is: Clean 15, Dirty 12 Take some time to explore this sight, it's got great bullet point information about pesticides. It also has the oh so handy list of the "Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15" The dirty dozen are the fruits and vegetables that are most important to buy organic because they absorb pesticides very easily, and pesticides don't necessarily wash off with a quick rinse. The Clean 15 are the opposite, fruits and vegis that have little to no pesticide absorption and are less important to buy organic. You can print out a list and keep it in your purse or wallet (like me!) so you can refer to it when shopping.  

The last sight I'll list is one that has information on food, but also larger environmental issues, such as facts on energy, water safety, and bills that are trying to make it through congress. If you are interested in food but also the environment as a whole, this is a fantastic site: Environmental Working Group.

If you have time, I urge you to check out these sites and learn more about food. I will make an effort to post more articles and current information about food, because knowing ABOUT your food is as, if not more important, then knowing how to cook it. 

Information is power yall, so Power up! 

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