Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday Pizza, Friday undecided

Howdy Yall,
     I didnt post a new yummy meal last night because I had PIZZA. PIZZA PIZZA! The Brew and view in Asheville has some of the best pizza in town. I went with healthy boyfriend and we shared a sesame crust pizza with portobello mushrooms, spinach and green olives. I was skeptical about the green olives, but they were SOOO good.
Never thought I would like vegetables on my pizza, but these days its all I want. Well that and pineapple. HOT DAMN do I love me some pineapple pizza.
Anyhoozle, will try to post a new recipe in the next day or two, I have lots of good recipes, its just a matter of MAKING them. I can feel my weekend laziness slowly creeping in. Ill do my best to fight it!
I have noticed I am feeling a lot better after a few days of my spirulina smoothies. I am much fuller, and my cold seems to getting better. I will probably keep making the smoothies next week, though maybe try some new fruit.
Hope yall are eating healthy out there!

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