Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cheater Cheater, boxed Rice Eater

Howdy Folks! Good News is Im eating broccoli. Not the best news is Im eating boxed riced because Im sick and am TRYING to get to bed before 10.
This picture is titled, "Im not proud, but sometimes a girl gotta eat quick"

So, yes I eat Rice O Roni from time to time. Im not advocating boxed rice, but even when you eat junk, you can eat junk that is less bad for you.

The Natures Way brand of Rice O Roni has a lot less ingredients(read chemicals) in their brands. The taste is average, but simple and easy.

As far as making the rice, just follow the instructions. I find adding spices can really dress up the standard box mix flavor. I added a little fresh garlic(add it to everything, its super good for you), cayenne, salt and pepper. Seasonings are so important. And fun!

This dish is dedicated to My old college roommate. We shared a love of cheesy rice that will never be forgotten.

Dinner tonight, simple yet satisfying:

Below is just a reminder on how to steam broccoli, because I really cant say enough about how delicious it is. All I wanted today was steamed broccoli. I bet after you make some, you will too!




The Goods: Serves 2
2 cups chopped Broccoli
1-2 cups water

The Deal: 
1. Get a medium to large pot. Fill with about an inch of water and heat until boiling. Place Broccoli in pot, cover. Steam until broccoli is bright green and a fork slides in easily. 

2. Remove from stove, drain, and enjoy!