Monday, February 21, 2011

No THANKS white asparagus

At the grocery store I noticed the white asparagus was on sale. I had never had it, so I figured I should give it a try. I read about it, and it said it was similar in flavor to green asparagus, just a bit more subtle in flavor.

Unfortunately, I found it to be GROSS. I thought it was tough and lacked flavor. Even super healthy boyfriend did not enjoy it. We both tried to eat it, but gave up after one stalk.

I cooked it like I often cook asparagus, I marinaded it with worcestershire sauce, olive oil, salt and pepper and then baked it on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes. It was still tough, and did not soften up from further cooking.

Perhaps I will venture again into the white asparagus world, but for now Im sticking with the familiar, reliably delicious green asparagus.

If any of you have a great recipe, let me know.

This dish was a fail, good thing I can try again tomorrow!

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