Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Picnics

My strawberry obsession continues
Yesterday was perfect. For a planner/constant to do list person such as myself sometimes its hard for me to make time for relaxing.
No table? Use a log!
Don't get me wrong I can sit around with the best of them, but often I fill my weekends which so many "TO DO's", that by Sunday night I realize I for got to relax. Accomplishment is fantastic, but so is finding joy in the nature, and playing in rivers.
So yesterday began with my favorite Saturday morning ritual, going to the Farmers Market, then I spent the afternoon playing at Sliding Rock, followed by an early evening potluck. My evening was filled with silly card games and cuddling with healthy boyfriend. I didn't cross off one thing on my to do list, but the day was perfect and just what I needed.
Having a picnic does not mean soggy sandwiches or pre-packaged crap. An early trip to the farmers market meant a picnic with local Carolina strawberries, freshly picked green salad mix, a hearty whole wheat local bread, and as always Spinning Spider Creamery Goat cheese. Boy oh boy what a picnic we had. Eating local food, surrounded by the gentle flowing river, blue butterflies floating by, and shady trees keeping the hot day bearable.
The river water was ice cold, not yet warmed by the eventual summer heat July will bring.
Go spend some time outside, it does you a WORLD of good. Today Im back in accomplishing mode, but I can still hear the birds chirping to each other and feel bone cold water shocking my system with joy.
Cut your bread into bite size pieces for easy snacking

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