Thursday, March 3, 2011


Popcorn! It is probably one of the easiest snacks around. Its SOOOO simple to make yourself, and lots of people never have.

Its a fairly healthy snack for those of us with a salt addiction *cough* ME *cough* Its high in fiber, and low in fat and calories.

The topping are endless, if you can think it, you can put it on popcorn. Now of course, eating it plain or with just a dash of salt is the healthiest, anything you add will probably add fat and sodium.

I started popping my own corn in California, often my roommates and I would bring our own popcorn to the movies. If you dont know, eating the popcorn they serve at the movie theater usually has more calories than you are suppose to consume in a day. Yikes! I know its delicious, but its bad bad bad. Do not eat the movie popcorn..... Pouring butter directly into your mouth would probably be healthier(also pretty gross). I know its annoying, I LOVE movie popcorn, but its not worth my daily calories. Damn you movie popcorn!!!

There are lots of different types of popcorn and its basically trial and error of which type you like. I have tried yellow, white and blue. I like the blue the best, but I haven't actually popped all three and compared them in one sitting. Perhaps a movie night soon...
The picture above is of yellow and blue mixed, which just looks pretty I think. Yellow popcorn is the widest available, next is probably white and then blue. I haven't seen a lot of red or black, but Im sure its out there.

I didn't want to post some of the more sinful popcorn topping, this is suppose to be a healthy blog. If you are interested here is a site with some less healthy popcorn toppings:Indulgent popcorn toppings

Here is some info on the types and difference in taste: types of popcorn


The Goods: serves 2-3
1/3 cup popcorn
2-3 tablespoons canola oil

Optional toppings: use sparingly
Parmesan, freshly grated
Melted butter with herbs

The Deal:
1. Place popcorn and oil in a medium pot. Shake the pot so all the kernels are lightly coated with oil.

2. Cover pot and place on medium heat. After about 3-5 minutes, you will hear the kernels begin to pop.

3. Wait until you hear the popping decrease dramatically or there is more than 5 seconds between popping, then promptly remove from heat.

Serve hot. Thank me later :)

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