Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trail Livin

Hello All!
   I assume that most who view this site are friends and family, but on the off chance I have other random followers, I wanted to explain my long absence. Basically I spent a few months preparing to go on an adventure, went on said adventure, and am now returned and trying to get back to normal life, aka gainful employment. Also looking into grad school, contemplating the great "who knows what" of the universe, and in general doing the late 20's thang.

My adventure? Hiking the Appalachian Trail  with healthy boyfriend. And yes, you assume right, it WAS his idea. Our plan was to thru-hike the whole sha-bang, but sadly my feet did not seem up to the challenge (possibly rockin plantar fasciitis, not cool......not cool). So after 600 miles my thru-hike turned into a section hike, while healthy boyfriend hikes on like a hiking rockstar. It was an incredible experience, one that made me more grateful for the every day blessings, and appreciate all the amazing things the outdoors have to offer. It also made me beyond thankful for fresh healthy food, given the hiker diet was high in fat, sugar, and carbs, but severely lacking in nutrition. A fresh spinach salad was pretty much myth told round the campfire.

So that's where I've been, as to where I'm going....well know anyone who is hiring? Yeah....me neither. Anyway time to get back to real life and I promise I'll get back to cooking soon.

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